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Cosmoline #360 Wax/Grease

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Ships UPS Ground (excluding HI & AK)
In-Stock. Ships within 1-2 business days.

Thick, firm wax-like grease that produces no oil slick when submerged in salt water.

As a generic replacement for Cosmoline 1060, Cosmoline Hot Melt #360 is a thick, firm wax-like grease protective coating that will protect any metal or steel surface (stored indoors or outdoors) for several years!  Cosmoline Hot Melt #360 also withstands complete water submersion (including salt water) and produces no oil slick when submerged, which is an important benefit for our environmentally-conscious end users (Government, Military, Commercial, etc.). 

MIL-PRF-11796C, Classes 1 & 1A     (Cosmoline Direct will provide a Statement of Conformance with each order, at no charge.)

* Long term protection (several years) of your inventory investment, equipment, tools, etc.

* Low-odor nature of the product optimizes worker acceptance.
* Meets or exceeds military specifications which allows for government and military applications.

Can be applied via spray, dip or brush.  Application by Brush: melting point achieved at 155-degrees F.  Application by Dipping: must heat product to bath temperature between 165-200-degrees F.  Application by Spray: must heat product to 200-220-degrees F.  Cosmoline Hot Melt #360 is intended to be applied once heated, this product can also be applied at 75-85-degrees F by smearing along surface you intend to coat.
* All volume sizes (quarts to drums) of Cosmoline Hot Melt #360 are packed in steel/metal containers that can be heated as needed to achieve the product temperature you're looking to achieve.

* Long-Term Storage of Equipment, Tools, Parts, etc.
* Numerous aviation/aerospace applications
* Overseas Transport and/or High Salt Atmospheres & Humidity.
* All other applications pertaining to Mil-Spec MIL-C-11796C, Class 1/1A (aerospace, aviation, military, etc.).

Removal of protective films is accomplished by using a steam cleaner or washing the parts in mineral spirits, solvent thinner, vapor degreaser, or hot alkaline wash.

Commercial 3 years / Military 2 years. 

Appearance:  Tan/Beige Wax/Grease (see product images)
Odor:  Low
Coverage: 15 square/feet per 1-lb.
Flash Point:  350º
Water solubility: Insoluble
Non-Volatile content:  100%

Specific Gravity: 0.89


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