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Cosmoline Direct:

Cosmoline Remover Aerosol (SS-245)

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Ships UPS Ground (excluding HI & AK)
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Cosmoline Remover SS-245 is Highly Effective in Removing Cosmoline from Metal Surfaces.

SS-245 also reliably...

  • Removes heavy carbon, wax, grease, oil, polishing compounds, adhesives and many other tough contaminants.
  • Removes adhesive residue, tape and stickers from metal or glass surfaces
  • Preps surfaces for painting, coating, bonding, plating and polishing
  • Removes polishing compounds from optical quality mirrors and other glass surfaces

SS-245 effectively removes our Cosmoline Wax, Grease and Oil formulations.

SS-245 is also a great solvent for Parts Washers as well as Electrical and Precision Cleaning:

  • High Solvency (106kb)
  • High Flash Point (145F) & Low Evaporation Rate
  • High Dielectric Strength (45,000 v/cm)
  • No Residue
  • Light, Clean Scent
  • Non-Aqueous

ALWAYS INCLUDED: All aerosol cans come with 6-inch extension straws which allow you to apply product in hard-to-reach surfaces, crevices, gaps, cavities, etc.

** Components of SS-245 do not appear on any of the EPA’s lists of toxic or hazardous substances. With a flash point of 145°F (TCC), SS-245 is not considered hazardous for shipping by ground or air, according to IATA and U.S. DOT regulations.

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