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Cosmoline Cheesecloth Wraps

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Cosmoline Cheesecloth Wraps  (Medium and Heavy-Duty Options)

Breathable, slightly flexible cotton cloth weaved/meshed wrap that provides reinforced phyical protective support to parts, equipment or machinery you're looking to preserve, transport, or store.

Cosmoline Cheesecloth Wraps are typically wrapped around surfaces that are already coated with a protective coating (greases, rust inhibitors/preventives, waxes, oils, etc.).  This product can also be saturated in the protective coating of your choice and wrapped around the surface or part you're looking to preserve, transport or store.  This cloth in and of itself is not considered to be an adequate rust/corrosion protective barrier, but rather is designed to aid protective coatings when wrapped.  It creates an additional barrier between the surface you're protecting from rust and corrosion and the atmosphere.  Cosmoline Cheesecloth Wraps can make handling of a coated surface (equipment, machinery, etc.) easier, safer and less messy while in transit or in storage.



  • Provides additional layer of protection from atmospheric conditions that promote rust and/or corrosion.
  • Allows for easier, safer, cleaner and more convenient handling and transporting of equipment or metal surfaces coated with wax, oil or grease-based rust preventatives.
  • Cosmoline Cheesecloth fabric is breathable, flexible and durable.  Will remain intact for years.
  • The large continuous rolls and sheets can easily be cut to the size you need for your particular job.
  • Can be applied at the same time as our Cosmoline protective coatings (wet or saturated) or after a protective coating has already been applied (wet or dry coating).
  • Our Cosmoline Cheesecloths are static-free and contain low lint levels....won't scratch or leave residue on surface. 
  • Will not breakdown when exposed to extreme heat or freezing conditions.


While Cosmoline Cheesecloths can be wrapped around any waxy, greasy, or oily coating or surface, it's commonly ordered with these long-term rust preventatives:

  • Cosmoline Rust-Veto 342 (Industrial-Grade) - heavy liquid dries to product firm, amber, dry-to-the-touch protective wax
  • Cosmoline Military Grease MIL-C-11796, Class 3 - true grease, stays wet/greasy indefinitely

    PLEASE NOTE: Cosmoline Cheesecloths do not come pre-saturated in any of our Cosmoline Rust Preventative Coatings.  If you need a complimentary protective coating, we suggest you click on the two product links above to learn more or contact one of our Cosmoline Product Experts.



  • "Medium Weave" options are manufactured in one continuous 50-Grade sheet that may be boxed or on a roll.
  • "Premium Heavy-Duty Weave" cloths are manufactured on one continuous 60-Grade roll that provides additional strength and durability.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Due to the bulky size of this product, we may choose to dropship from a Cosmoline Direct Partner company, saving transit time and shipping cost.


Still got questions regarding our Cosmoline Cheesecloths?  Get quick answers.  Contact a Cosmoline Direct Product Expert.


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