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Cosmoline Rust-Veto 342 - Industrial Grade

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  • Cosmoline Rust-Veto 342 Cosmoline - www.CosmolineDirect.com
  • Cosmoline Rust-Veto 342 Cosmoline - www.CosmolineDirect.com
  • Cosmoline Military Grade RP-342 Heavy Aerosol Spray | Cosmoline Direct
  • Cosmoline Rust-Veto 342 Cosmoline - www.CosmolineDirect.com
  • Cosmoline Rust-Veto 342 Cosmoline - www.CosmolineDirect.com
  • Cosmoline Rust-Veto 342 Cosmoline - www.CosmolineDirect.com
Ships UPS Ground (excluding HI & AK)
IN-STOCK. Ships Same Day (when order placed before 4:30pm EST).


  • This Industrial Grade Cosmoline provides long-term, Indoor/Outdoor protection for steel, iron and metals against rust & corrosion.
  • Protects your investment in inventoried parts for years.
  • Dries quickly, yielding a transparent, amber, durable wax coating.
  • Protects metals from high humidity, salt spray, salt air, and extreme weathering.
  • Exceptional vehicle undercoating.  Protects against salts, calcium and sodium chloride, pesticides, de-icing chemicals, fertilizers and more.
  • Surface Coverage = approx. 400 square feet/gal at 2.0 mil-thickness
  • Vastly easier to remove than older formulations.
  • Protects indoors for 36+ months. Protects outdoors for 18+ months.
  • Will maintain protective coating integrity between -40°F to 180°F.
  • Can be applied by spray, dip, or brush.  (see additional spray-related notes in "Shop Talk" section below)
  • Easily removed with mineral spirits, paint thinner, Cosmoline Remover or any other over-the-counter petroleum solvent.
  • Can be cut/thinned as desired with solvent or thinner.


Cosmoline Rust-Veto 342 protects items to be stored indoors or outdoors long-term, such as:

  • Industrial Equipment & Machinery
  • Military Weapons & Equipment
  • Transportation Equipment
  • Gears and Machinery
  • Railroad Equipment (American Association of Railroads approved product)
  • Pipe, Tubing, Shafts, Tanks, Dies and Lathes
  • Overseas Protection/Transport
  • Vehicle Undercoating, Door Panels, Wheel Wells, Bumpers, etc.
  • Automotive Parts
  • Farm Machinery
  • Construction Equipment
  • and much more...


"SHOP TALK" For Industrial Grade Cosmoline (RUST-VETO 342):

Cosmoline Rust-Veto 342 comes in the form of a medium-thick liquid (like corn syrup) which can be applied by brushing, rolling, dipping or spraying.  Once Cosmoline Rust-Veto 342 is applied (wet), the solvent in the solution will flash off (evaporate) and will yield a dry-to-the-touch, amber in color, translucent wax-like coating that will give you the long-term rust/corrosion protection you're looking for....even in the harshest, most corrosive of environments (marine environments, extreme humidity & weather, etc.).  

SPRAYING NOTES: Cosmoline Rust-Veto 342 can be applied via spray using almost any type of sprayer.  However, this product is pretty thick so the more "industrial grade" your sprayer is, the better.  Only those with heavy-duty, professioal grade sprayers will be able to spray this product neat (without cutting/thinning).  For the majority of our customers, however, with less sophisticated equipment, this product can be easily cut/thinned with almost any over-the-counter petroleum solvent (examples: mineral spirits, thinners, napatha, etc.).  We usually recommend mineral spirits as it affords a faster dry time, is widely available and inexpensive.  In terms of a cutting ratio (ratio of cutting solvent to product), because spraying equipment capabilities can vary, we suggest you (1) agitate the Cosmoline Rust-Veto 342 to ensure uniform consistency, (2) add as little cutting/thinning solvent as posible to achieve a consistency that will flow through your particular sprayer.  Many of the other petroleum wax-based preventives require heating of up to 170-degrees F before application, which can be both inconvenient and dangerous.  Cosmoline Rust-Veto 342 does not require any heating and is "ready to go" upon delivery.  Simply agitate the product to ensure consistency, (cut/thin if needed) and apply
If you're looking for a pre-cut/thinned, ready-to-spray version, we've got you covered.  (see RP-342 Heavy Bulk)

SURFACE PREPARATION: It's highly advisable that you clean your surface before applying Cosmoline Rust-Veto 342 (or any other rust preventive, for that matter).  Make sure your surface is free from loose dirt, grease, oily films, grime, and any existing rust (at the very least, remove any flaking or pitted rust).  Many of our customers, however, have surfaces/equipment that they'd like to protect that has existing (light to moderate) rust on the surface and they want to know if they need to remove it before applying a rust preventive like Cosmoline Rust-Veto 342.  Our disclaiming "safe answer" that we will always provide is that it is always best to remove all the rust......however, in the all-too-common real world scenario when you have some light to moderate surface rust but do not want to, or are not able to remove all of it, applying Cosmoline Rust-Veto 342 will still adhere to your imperfect surface and provide you with exceptional long-term rust prevention/protection and will stop the existing rust from spreading further.  Common sense also tells us, however, that the cleaner your initial surface is, the better the coating adhesion you can expect.  So, in summary, always get your surface as clean and dry as possible before applying, apply one even coat, let the coating dry, and your surface should be reliably protected from rust and corrosion for a very long time.

SHELF LIFE: Cosmoline Rust-Veto 342 (Industrial Grade) has a commercial shelf life of 24 months.  Product you receive from Cosmoline Direct is never more than 2 months old, leaving you with at least 22 months of "commercial" shelf life.  That being said, if stored in reasonable conditions, Cosmoline Rust Veto 342 can remain effective long after 24 months.  If after 3 years, you open your 5-gallon pail (which was stored in a cool, dry, covered place) and find it to be a bit thicker than you remember, you can add a splash of paint thinner or mineral spirits and give it a stir, and you'll be back in business.

If you have any questions about this product, please don't hesitate to contact us.


MSDS/SDS and Product Data Sheet

MSDS/SDS - Industrial Grade Cosmoline Rust-Veto 342           Product Data Sheet - Cosmoline Rust-Veto 342


* SCAQMD - This product is not to be used in California's South Coast Air Quality Management District because it does not comply with Rule 1144.  This restriction only affects the following Southern California counties:  Orange, Riverside, Los Angeles and San Bernardino.  For a complete listing of cities, click here.  If you do live/work within the SCAQMD jurisdiction, we invite you to explore our LOW-VOC, AQMD-Compliant, long term rust preventative called: SoCal RP 1144 (Low-VOC)

* Ozone Depleting Substances - Aerosol products were not manufactured, do not contain, and were not packaged using any Class 1 or Class 2 ozone depleting substances as defined by the clean air act.


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