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Houghton International:

Cosmoline Weathershed - Industrial Grade Spray (#24-3170)

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Ships UPS Ground (excluding HI & AK)
IN-STOCK. Ships Same Day (when order placed before 4:30pm EST).

PLEASE NOTE:  Weathershed is a legacy product in our catalog.  We will no longer offer this product in the coming months and will instead offer our bestselling RP-342 "Heavy" as a direct replacement.  Like Weathershed, RP-342 "Heavy" is an amber/translucent, dry-to-the-touch petroleum wax coating that can provide long-term rust prevention for a variety of applications.  RP-342 "Heavy" protect longer, dries faster, is offered at a lower price point, is always in-stock and satisfaction is always guaranteed.  To learn more, click here.

Cosmoline Weathershed Spray - Heavy-Duty, Long-Lasting Rust Preventative!

*  Transparent, amber, dry-to-the-touch wax-like protective coating for steel, iron and all metals.
*  Withstands severe outdoor exposure and salt laden atmosphere as well as acid and caustic fumes.

*  Protects against road salts, calcium. sodium chloride, pesticides, de-icing chemicals and fertilizers.
*  Will not crack or craze.
*  First application typically dries completely within 2 to 3 hours.
*  For a thicker, faster-drying, more concentrated version of this product, please check out our bestselling Cosmoline RP-342 "Heavy" (Military-Grade) aerosols.


Provides long-term rust and corrosion protection (indoors and outdoors) for:
   *  Parts & equipment storage

   *  Overseas transportation
   *  Packaging
   *  Machinery & equipment
   *  Farm implements   
   *  Vehicle undercarriage / undercoating (see usage approximations below)
   *  Boat shafts and propellers
   *  Marine fittings
   *  Garden tools
   *  Lawn mower blades
   *  Battery terminals
   *  and any other surface or part that might rust on you...

ALWAYS INCLUDED: All aerosol cans come with 6-inch extension straws which allow you to apply product in hard-to-reach surfaces, crevices, gaps, cavities, etc.


VEHICLE UNDERCOATING USAGE APPROXIMATIONS (for thorough, heavy application):
Mid-Size Sedan:  6 Aerosol Cans for Undercarriage.  Add 3 Aerosol Cans for Inside Door Panels, Tailgate, etc..  (6-9 Total Cans)
Full-Size Truck:  9 Aerosol Cans for Undercarriage.  Add 3 Aerosol Cans for Inside Door Panels, Tailgate, etc..  (9-12 Total Cans)
* In both scenarios, you'll likely have an extra can or two.  However, it's better to have a little too much than run out.  
** Product shelf life = 2 years.


* SCAQMD - This product is not to be used in California's South Coast Air Quality Management District because it does not comply with Rule 1144.  This restriction only affects the following Southern California counties:  Orange, Riverside, Los Angeles and San Bernardino.  For a complete listing of cities, click here.  If you do live/work within the SCAQMD jurisdiction, we invite you to explore our LOW-VOC, AQMD-Compliant, long term rust preventative called: SoCal RP 1144 (Low-VOC)

* Ozone Depleting Substances - Aerosol products were not manufactured, do not contain, and were not packaged using any Class 1 or Class 2 ozone depleting substances as defined by the clean air act.

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