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Cosmoline Black (Rust-Veto 344)

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  • Cosmoline Black Rust Veto 344 5-Gallon
  • Cosmoline Black Rust Veto 344 1 Quart
  • Cosmoline Black Rust Veto 344 Drum
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COSMOLINE BLACK (Rust-Veto 344) is a fast drying, ultra-tough, long-term, rust & corrosion preventive designed to protect steel, iron and metals (equipment) stored outdoors and/or shipped overseas.  Cosmoline Black is a solvent solution that produces a hard, glossy-black, tough, plastic-type film. Its rapid drying permits handling within 2-4 hours without injury to the film.

When exposed to long periods of harsh environmental conditions (salt spray, humidity, extreme weather, rain, etc.) COSMOLINE BLACK will not crack, “alligator” or flake.   COSMOLINE BLACK will not flow up to 190 degrees F, and remains plastic down to 0 degrees F. Material coated with this product can be welded without removing the coating and/or painted over without any issue.

HOW TO APPLY:  COSMOLINE BLACK can be applied via brush, roller, dipping or spray.  When applying via spray, cutting/thinning is usually needed due to this product's thick consistency (thicker than paint).  Cutting/thinning of this product can be achieved using any over-the-counter petroleum solvent (eg. mineral spirits, etc.). 


* Superior Rust & Corrosion Prevention Characteristics
* Protects your investment in inventoried parts for years.
* Excellent weathering

* Fast-drying (dry-to-the-touch in about 2-3 hours)
* Film can be painted over
* You can weld through film
* Extremely resistant to cracking
* Low-odor nature of the product optimizes worker acceptance.
* Relatively easy removal (any over-the-counter petroleum solvent) as compared to other outdoor rust preventatives (see tech data sheet below)


COMMON USES (include, but not limited to):
* Construction Equipment
* Farm Equipment
* Industrial Tubing, Piping, HVAC
* Gears & Machinery
* Vehicle Undercoating & Automotive Parts
* Transportation Equipment
* Marine Equipment and Machinery

"COSMOLINE BLACK (Rust-Veto 344) is truly an exceptional long-term rust preventative and can handle the toughest of applications reliably, indoors or out.  COSMOLINE BLACK offers end-users a combination of desirable characteristics that make this product one of our favorites to recommend.  While many comparable outdoor rust preventatives can take 24-36 hours to fully dry, COSMOLINE BLACK dries in about 4-hours, saving you time and making packaging and handling/transportation easier (and cleaner).   When COSMOLINE BLACK is fully cured, it presents a non-tacky, extremely durable and almost "elegant" glossy black plastic-like coating that will stand up to the toughest of environmental conditions.   This product can also be welded and painted over which is not the case with comparable outdoor RPs and a big plus (and differentiator) for customers requiring the flexibility."  

-Thom Stratham, 33 years of field experience-  Any questions?...contact Expert Support.


Type of Film: Dry, black
Flash Point: 105°F min. (40.5°C)

Film Thickness (dip): 3.0 – 4.5 mils
Drying Time: 1-3 hours depending on atmospheric conditions and applied thickness,
Low Temp. Adhesion: Will not flake off at 0°F (-17.7°C)
Gravity @ 60°F: 0.88
Coverage (average): 300 sq. ft./gal.
Method of Removal: petroleum solvent
Pound per Gallon: 7.39 (.888 kg/l)

A quick note about this product and “rubberized coatings”…
We get the opportunity to talk to a lot of customers every week and many express concerns over “rubberized coatings”……namely, that they can blister or crack over time and can actually trap moisture next to the surface they’re hoping to protect. While it is true that there are many cheaper rubberized coatings on that market that can fail as described (blister and crack), we’d like to assure you that this product will not. Our Cosmoline Black (RV-344) and Cosmoline RP-344 Black will provide long-term, durable and reliable protection without blistering, cracking, flaking, etc. If you still have concerns over “rubberized coatings”, we encourage you to check out our Industrial-Grade Cosmoline (RV-342) as it does not produce a rubber-like coating and will, like Cosmoline 344 Black, provide long-term protection from rust and corrosion – trusted since WWII!


Cosmoline Black / Rust-Veto® 344 MSDS          Cosmoline Black / Rust-Veto® 344 Technical Data Sheet



* SCAQMD - This product is not to be used in California's South Coast Air Quality Management District because it does not comply with Rule 1144.  This restriction only affects the following Southern California counties:  Orange, Riverside, Los Angeles and San Bernardino.  For a complete listing of cities, click here.  If you do live/work within the SCAQMD jurisdiction, we invite you to explore our LOW-VOC, AQMD-Compliant, long term rust preventative called: SoCal RP 1144 (Low-VOC)

* Ozone Depleting Substances - Aerosol products were not manufactured, do not contain, and were not packaged using any Class 1 or Class 2 ozone depleting substances as defined by the clean air act.

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