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Cosmoline Direct:

Cosmoline "Creeper" Coat (Water-Displacing)

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  • Cosmoline Creeper Coat Rust-Veto 377-HF 5-Gallon - Cosmoline Direct
  • Cosmoline Creeper Coat Rust-Veto 377-HF QUART - Cosmoline Direct
Ships UPS Ground (excluding HI & AK)
Quarts & single gallons are In-Stock. 5-gallon pails & 55-gallon drums have lead-times of 5-10 days.


Cosmoline "Creeper" Coat (alternate trade name: Rust-Veto 377-HF) actually raises water off wet metal to coat the entire surface with a long-lasting, transparent, rust-inhibiting film.  The polar attraction for metal makes Cosmoline "Creeper" Coat 'creep' across the metal's surface, spreading over a large area.....One gallon can cover as much as 1,300 square feet!  The affinity for metal means handling won't wipe it off.  Cosmoline "Creeper" Coat contains an antioxidant additive and will resist breakdown and varnish formation, even in long-term storage.  


  • Provides reliable protection from rust & corrosion (see general protection duration guidelines below)
  • Displaces water, condensation, humidity or process fluids from wet parts to rapidly begin the corrosion inhibition process.
  • Exceptional penetrating characteristics allowing protection in even the smallest of crevices and cavities.
  • Incredibly easy to apply and remove.
  • Great value as 1-gallon can cover up to 1,300 sq./ft.
  • The high flash point reduces the potential for flammability and may reduce fire insurance premiums.
  • Low-odor nature of the products optimizes worker acceptance.
  • Easily removed with mineral spirits, paint thinner, Cosmoline Remover or any other over-the-counter petroleum solvent.


PROTECTION DURATION: (estimates only...conditions can vary)

  • Stored Indoors (climate controlled):  approximately 2+ years
  • Covered/Shed-Like Storage (not climate controlled): approximately 6 months
  • Outdoors:  Not recommended.....if looking for long-term protection outdoors, please considered our Industrial-Grade Cosmoline 342 or Cosmoline Black 344


Cosmoline "Creeper" Coat protects parts and machinery in use or to be stored indoors or outdoors, such as:

  • Industrial Equipment & Machinery
  • Machined and In-Process Parts and Materials
  • Coils, Wires, Chains
  • Overseas Protection/Transport (when packaged, crated or covered)
  • and much more...


  • This product comes in the form of a thin liquid (like water) and remains wet to the touch indefintely, but will "gel" slightly after application (approx 15 hours) creating a grease-like feel.
  • Can be applied via spray (with almost any spray equipment), dip, brush (like with a paint brush) or rolled on (with a paint roller or sponge).


Film Thickness:                 0.0003" (0.0076 mm)

Film Character:                 Soft-greasy
Flash Point, PMCC:             175 deg F
Viscosity @100 deg F:        40 SUS
Pounds per Gallon:            6.92-lbs.
Specific Gravity 60deg F:    .833
Coverage:                       1,300 sq ft/gal
Pour Point:                      -42 deg F
Freeze Point:                   -47 deg F

Cosmoline "Creeper" Coat (Rust Veto 377-HF) MSDS
Cosmoline "Creeper" Coat (Rust Veto 377-HF) Tech Data Sheet


* SCAQMD - This product is not to be used in California's South Coast Air Quality Management District because it does not comply with Rule 1144.  This restriction only affects the following Southern California counties:  Orange, Riverside, Los Angeles and San Bernardino.  For a complete listing of cities, click here.  If you do live/work within the SCAQMD jurisdiction, we invite you to explore our LOW-VOC, AQMD-Compliant, long term rust preventative called: SoCal RP 1144 (Low-VOC)  California Prop 65 8pt.png WARNING: This product can expose you to aniline, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer.  For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.


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